PAID PROGRAMS:: (hereinafter referred as ‘portal’) organizes educative and informative programs from time to time engaging Expert Speakers on the topics of interest to the Registered Valuers through online and offline mode. About 10% of such programs are paid and 90% programs are free.  The Valuer Professionals who have registered on the portal are usually informed two days in advance about the event. They are free to assess the usefulness of the program. In case of paid programs, the fee once paid will not be refunded in any situation.


CAPSULE COURSES:: (hereinafter referred as ‘portal’) proposes to launch very short term capsule courses with an object of developing capabilities amongst Qualified Valuer Professionals. These courses are designed by top notch professionals and are owned by the portal. The capsule courses carry immense value for the Valuer Professionals. However, there is no compulsion to register for such courses and valuer professionals are free to decide usefulness of such ‘capsule courses’. Any registered valuer may seek refund 48 hours for ful refund if capsule course is not found useful. Any request for refund after 48 hours is liable to be rejected ab initio.